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Felton Hawkins is a Personal & Professional Development Coach committed to helping you grow & succeed throughout your life. 


Are you struggling to reach your full potential & confidence in your personal and professional visions? Felton Hawkins at Hawkins Solutions helps individuals who are striving for and committed to continued elevation throughout their lives. Felton is committed to the continuous development and success of every client through professional and proven coaching strategies to help you master you. 

We help clients who understand the value of having a voice that is heard and have the confidence necessary to stay on the cutting-edge of their vision. Assisting strong, bright, talented and successful individuals who are committed to continuous development and success! 

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Felton Hawkins - Executive Coach 

who is Felton Hawkins?

  • 1-on-1 Professional Coaching Sessions

  • Equip Clients with Proven Growth Tools and Strategies

  • Build Confidence, Self-Value/Worth & Improve your Personal Equity

  • Aligning your Visions and Goals with Plans and Purpose

  • Help Discover and Adapt to our Blindspots

  • Provides a chance to challenge presumptions, mental models and habits that may lead to negative results

  • Valuing confidentiality and integrity throughout the coaching process


Helping Clients Excel through their Personal and Professional Lives

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Felton has been great to work with since day one. I was experiencing a traumatic life change and needed someone with knowledge and insight with how to deal with it all. His view from outside of the situation made it so much easier for me to deal with it all...

I really thought I would give this a shot but felt as though I would cancel after a few meetings. Well, he I am over a year later and the situation has changed. My life has changed and I still have really in-depth conversations with him that help me to continue to think I'm a different way with a different perspective. It feels as though he has become a good friend and someone I can trust and confide in. I really don't know where I would be without him speaking into my life. He has been a God send for me for sure.


It says "all are endowed with to pursuit of Happiness" in the declaration of independence, and Felton has accelerated me on that path. I approached Felton when I wanted to improve my life. I still remember my first session: when I told him I was in school for philosophy, but after we made a 5-year plan, I realized that the degree was not in line with my desires; I would have graduated college with a degree irrelevant to the field I was in. This proved to me that Felton was thinking about longevity: he does not see where you are at but where you want to go. Felton understands that the excuses you make are only in the mind; he holds me accountable for goals I wanted to complete and when he questions about my future, they are never to be taken personally, for they only push me to manifest where I want to be.


By rigorously completing my goals weekly, I reached burnout. Felton and I adapted to this by changing the goals as well as I was not happy, and when I told Felton we adapted and created a new strategy on I can tackle my goals in longevity. Felton understands that wellbeing is first, and if it's not in line, then no goals can get completed. Now, in each session, he asks what my "why" is. Simply put, a "why" is what gets someone out of bed every morning, what makes them excited about the day. With me consisting of thinking about what my why is on my journey, it's the type of question some adults never find the answer to; it, again, shows to me that Felton treats my goals and me with the utmost respect.


Like anything in life, a life coach is what you make out of it; the more open and honest you are with Felton, the more he can help you achieve your goals. Looking back at my journey from where I started, I released the song I have always wanted to release, have a modeling portfolio, and have a better balance in my life than before. From the three months, I met with Felton, I have accomplished more than I did all throughout my whole high school. His services are more than capable of getting the job done, and I continue to look forward to on my journey. Thank you, Felton.



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Struggling to manage your professional and personal life and goals? 

Do you want to build Confidence and your Self-Esteem? 

Are you growth-minded and strive for something greater? 

Do you a have professional background, but lack future planning or purpose? 

Want to build positive habits that build your personal equity and ownership? 

Having trouble building teams and organizations through lack of leadership coaching or leadership IQ? 

To most effectively lead others, consider mastering the art of self-leadership. Working with a Developmental Coach will help you understand who you are and what gives your life value. Coaching will help you to establish your life’s purpose and pursue it with confidence, skill, and commitment. Know where you are going and how you are going to get there!

This Developmental Coaching process is a structured, open-ended, and pragmatic approach to personal and professional growth. The process is designed to help individuals develop attitudes, skills, and qualities necessary for personal and organizational leadership.


Critical Issues Covered in this Process


•  The Role of Your Coach

•  Strengthen Your Strengths

•  Success Comes from Within

•  Authority and Power

•  Assessing Your Strengths

•  Directing Change

•  Behavior and Conditioning

•  The Value of Mistakes  

•  Criteria for Effective Goal Setting

•  Obstacles to Your Success

•  Overcoming Obstacles to Change

•  Courage

•  Planning with a Purpose

•  Delegation and Management

•  Communication and Human Relations

•  Motivation

•  Decision Making and Problem Solving


The Results are Measurable


•  More Control of Your Future

•  Increased Revenue

•  Increased Profitability

•  More Personal Time and Freedom

•  A Clear, Focused Direction

•  Enhanced Leadership Ability

•  Results-Oriented Attitudes

•  Developing Your Team

•  Creating a Vision for Personal Direction and Decision Making

•  Living Your Purpose